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Montco radio is a non-commercial, public, internet-based radio station.

History and Background

Montco radio is a student-run radio station based out of Blue Bell at It has been around since the early 1970’s and is an outlet for students to express their thoughts and feelings and channel their creative energy. The station was originally known as WRFM and become an intranet based station in 2001 and internet based in 2003.

A student club at MCCC, montco radio is co-advised by KYW’s news and sports anchor, and instructor of communications at MCCC, Jeff Asch, and communications professor Lindsay Levin. The current radio club was preceded by a record spinning club in the 1980's.

Based out of the Advanced Technology Center building on MCCC’s Central Campus in Blue Bell, PA (just outside of Philadelphia), montco radio streams live world-wide.

The student DJs represent a variety of experiences and majors. Each DJ hosts his/her own show, and as a result montco radio has a varied programming from music to sports to news.

Current Staff

  • Club advisors: Jeff Asch & Lindsay Levin
  • Station Manager: Donald Woods & Allan Richmond
  • Secretary: Christopher Kuchler
  • Treasurer: Josh Meere
  • Social Media Director: Ashley Gale
  • Media Director: David Aston
montco radio Facts
City Blue Bell, PA
Area Streams world wide
Slogan Where MUSIC and MINDS meet
Language English
Affiliations KYW

Social Media






The listeners are mainly Montco students and alumni. There is no real monitoring of the size of the listenership. No program is brining in huge numbers. The current range for the existing shows are 58 to 108.

Despite options such as iTunes and Spotify, many college campuses have successful AM/FM and internet based stations. According to, students are drawn to college radio stations for both the music programming and the updates on campus activities.

Based on discussions with some Philadelphia radio stations - such as WXPN, WMMR, and WXTU - there are various options to increase listenership such as contests or giveaways. Other ideas are to tailor the music style to day of the week - more mellow on Mondays and more exciting on Thursdays and Friday.

montco radio Programming

According the Huffinton Post, college radio stations have been credited with discovering new bands such as REM and shaping the face of music.

Montco radio broadcasts every day of the week Monday - Friday and the weekends. Students are typically on the air during the week. Matt Porter and other professors usually run the station during the weekends. The weekday shows are the student forums on music or sports. The weekend programming is more focused on what’s going on at the campus.

Each potential DJ submits a proposal outlining the show theme and content. The DJ's presents their proposal and if approved is trained on the various methods and process to operate a radio show.

The station also host alumni broadcasts where former students host shows.


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