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our group had a bit of difficulty settin up shots and figuring out how to portray our narrative in a clear way. But in the end, we have what we have and we did our best to make it work

Narrative Project

Narrative Project

For our Narrative Project we started our filming the next week we got assigned it. We picked the location to film at the school so that everyone would be together and have a part in it. We finished filming in one day and had a member edit the music and clips together. Then met the next week to see the final cut and talked about any changes that needed to be done. Sam editing, Alex filming, Me acting, and Alexis editing scripts for us.

Final Titantic VIdeo

Narrative Project

For the narrative project my team was on top of things, we started with not that great of a script and got all of the needed footage done in just a couple of hours. ┬áThe following week we got together and created music and edited and we were finished ahead of schedule. Because I wasn’t acting I didn’t have much of a role, all I could do is offer my input and suggestions on what to do and how to do certain scenes, I also edited the script. The person who came up with the story had a vision for how the video should pan out and they kind of took the reigns. It was all in all a fun experience, and our video turned out great, I think.