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Liam’s Eulogy

Liam Was My Best Friend. Friends Since the age of 14 we have been in-separable. We did everything together, from going on double dates to Cliff Jumping at Devil’s Pool. Normally if you called Liam I was with him. We even worked together briefly while his studio idea was coming together. And let me tell you we were the single best Pizza Team in the world. If there was Pizza Olympics we would take the gold easily. No one compared to us.

Liam Picked up the guitar at Age 9 and fell instantly in love. Soon his room was covered in everything music related, Speakers everywhere, Mic Stands all over, Cables running from one side to the other.

His love and Passion for Music caused him to start his own studio at the age of 24. 7th Street Studios was hitting the ground running with big name bands coming from around the country and world to record with him. He has recorded Bands like Man Overboard, The Story So Far, State Champs, Real Friends and his all-time Favorite Blink-182.

Liam Leaves behind a Loving Wife, who always was next to him while working, And 2 Children Rebecca, 12, and Liam Jr., 10. His memory will always live on in his children. Liam’s Studio will continue to run as it always has and will be around forever. His lasting impression on the Recording industry has set the bar so high for new producers to come along and try to break it. Liam has truly outdone himself this time.

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  1. Birdbrain

    Sad that Liam left childred so young.

  2. lrynhart93

    It’s really awesome that music has moved you so much. Hope you get that dream job!

  3. _maddyalex

    Nice name for your company. 7th Street Studios sounds legit!

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