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Today I want to tell you about a very important person in my life, my Grandfather. My Grandfather was a teacher in New Jersey and a teacher to me and my siblings and cousins. I remember the important life lessons that my Grandfather taught me and how his beliefs have influenced my own unique world perspective. The family was all important to my Grandfather. He showed us by example how to respect others, especially my Mother. As a child, my Grandfather constantly told me “your best friend is your mother”. Of course at that point in time I did not appreciate the phrase, nor did I understand what it meant.

Being a teacher, my Grandfather loved the written word. He would go out each morning and buy 2 or 3 newspapers and read them from front to back. He would cut out articles for my parents and would give me the comics. Later in my life he would share articles with me as well. I suppose this is why I have such a passion for reading and still enjoy reading a real newspaper everyday. He also was a master story teller.  He enjoyed recounting his days overseas when he was in the army and would sing us a funny song about marines eating beans.

My Grandfather’s favorite pastime was taking pictures. He would never go anywhere without a disposable camera. Through a single lens he would zealously document important events such as birthday parties, holidays, or family vacations. He didn’t necessarily need a special occasion to snap pictures. To him, just having us visit was special enough. What I wouldn’t give to have one last picture.

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  1. Birdbrain

    I love reading the daily newspaper as well. I hope they don’t go extinct.

  2. MKM17

    Teaching is always in style. Hopefully you will be a grandfather.

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