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“From the moment she was born, Leslie always had a smile on her face. For whatever the reason, she always found something to laugh about. Aside from her optimism, she was talented in both art and music. If you weren’t able to find her, she would most likely be in her room singing a song, learning a new one, or creating a colorful masterpiece. Though she was not an avid cyclist, she had a strong passion for steel frames, greased gears, and two wheels. Her biggest accomplishment was starting a community awareness group that helped improve people’s lives by introducing them to the sport of cycling. Aside from promoting healthy lifestyles, she wanted to accomplish everything. If given a career to choose from, which she had to, she would have chosen them all. I always told her, “My dear, you’re going to be a road scholar.” Her response, “Oh, I know, mama. There’s just so much to learn!” She took nothing for granted and repeatedly put 100% of herself into everything she did.”

The woman of wiser years, pulled out an old, fragile paper that had seen better days.

She continued.

“Here I have a poem Leslie wrote.”

Death is but a small step in a never ending journey.

Cliche? Sure.

Just know, there isn’t a reason to worry -

My body lies young while my mind leaves mature


My hopes and aspirations; unmet perhaps

Yet, aren’t these everyday occurrences?

My wish to you – take or make a pass,

Don’t lead a life with missed chances


Through failures or setbacks;

Crossed stars or heart aches;

Revive your inspired flames

to keep your soul merrily intact.

And remember,

When we all leave

There’s no need to worry

Because a life is honored in the form of a story.



“That was Leslie. Wishing and wanting the best for everyone. Thank you.”

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  1. Birdbrain

    Love the poem.

  2. _maddyalex

    I really like the poem

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