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Blog Post 12

For our narrative project, we brainstormed ideas and managed to get a basic script down. Once that was done, we looked for places to film (which proved to be a little more difficult than I had expected) and managed to find a rad diner to let us shoot. Everything else went smoothly, filming and editing. We lost some footage but were able to easily replace it. I edited the final version of the piece and while I don’t think it’s GREAT, I think it’s at least half decent for a first attempt.

Blog Post 12

For the final project my group and are doing a spin off of the Titanic in the icebergs point of view. At first we made 3D models of the iceberg and Titanic, but we decided to go with a 2D image using music, sound effects, and different camera angles.

Blog post 12

We started the final project off by brainstorming on where and when we were going to shoot. Once we had an idea of what we wanted to shot we started writing the script, we broke down each scene and noted how long we thought each scene should take up in the final project. After a few steps back trying finding a place to shoot we were fine. the actually shooting was really easy, i just sat in the adjacent table and held the mic, after that all we did was edit the final project.

Blog Post 12

For our final project, our group chose my titanic draft that I hoped would be impossible to make. We winged it and started with the idea of using a 3D set and boat and iceberg but ended up with just using a 2D scene and playing with camera angles and sound effects.

Blog Post 12

This project has been more difficult for my group and I. We had great idea’s and a good pitch but it was very hard to get everyone together to be able to work on it. We originally wanted to use actors but then they were unable to make it. Natasha and myself had to be the actors which we were not ready for on that day. Overall, we ended up being able to shoot the best we could at the time. I just wish we would have been able to shoot sooner to perfect it.

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