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November 19, 2015

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Blog post script demoa titanic love storyWritten by:Dan kapplerINT-Mist hangs over the ocean water as waves crash against the white sides of a lone icebergiceberg”Is this all there is to life? The loneliness of this wasteland not only surrounds me, but pierces me. I will never know companionship..”SPOTLIGHTS SEARCH IN THE DISTANCE. SOMETHING IS MOVING THROUGH THE COLD WATER, FASTER THAN ANY ICEBERG WOULD MOVE.titanic”I drift slowly throughout this desolate area, devoid of anything that I can connect or bond with.”on the titanic, the captain struggles to navigate through the thick mist, choppy water, and ice ranging from sheets to bergs.he has managed to safely navigate thus far and expects to make it safely back to land after completing the remaining portion of his voyage. little does he know, things will not continue to go his way..TITANIC captain”Visibility is at an all time low, I’ve never even seen anything like this before. Navigating through this.. It’s going to be difficult.”first mate”What could even go wrong? We’re so far from the coast, and the only thing out here with us is fish and ice.”captain”I just don’t want to run ashore or go straight through an ice field or something like that.”FIRST MATE”This icebergs are all so small; What are the chances we even hit one of them?”spotlights scan the water, finally falling on the iceberg. ICEBERG”What is that bright light? Something’s coming right near me..”TITANIC CAPTAIN”I see an iceberg off to the left, but we should be able to avoid it.”ICEBERG”He’s about to come right up to me! This is great! My first interaction.”TITANIC”Oh, wow! What’s this?”The bottom of the iceberg connects with the titanic and rips a hole straight through the side of it. oil begins leaking out into the ocean and water begins to fill the hull of the ship.TITANIC CAPTAIN”We have a breach! We’re taking on water!”TITANIC”Is this friendship? Is this love? It.. hurts.”ICEBERG”What’s going on?”as the ship takes on water, it eventually splits in half, ending the ship’s life. ICEBERG”No! I can’t believe this! My first connection and I rip the life from the only other thing I’ve known.. How can I go on?

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