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October 29, 2015

Assessment of Crew Work

I feel my group did a decent job working together and getting the first two projects handed in on time. It wasn’t the easiest task, making time around everyone’s schedules to get the first one done, but the second was smoother. I think we work very well together and we all contributed an equal amount to the work. Forr the final I would try to get more hands on experience with the editing because I had minimal hands on experience, I was more vocal, giving suggestions and helping figure out what sounded and looked better.

Post 8

Our group was able to get the first package in as well as he second one. We all contributed to finishing both of the projects we’ve had so far and for the final one, we’ll probably take one different roles for its completion

October 29, 2015

Our group did not successfully hand in the first project, but everyone did their part in making of the reporter package. For this second one we did get all the work done and handed in on time.

Blog Post 8

While we did not manage to finish the first project, we have finished the second! I feel that as a group, overall, we work well together. With the first project, we had a lot of scheduling conflicts. Everyone contributed and for the final project, I’d like to get as much done in class (and on class days) as we possibly can, to maybe be able to minimize and work through any potential scheduling issues.

Blog 8

Our group has always finished our project on time, and we have had no problem meeting up and taking the time to do our projects well. We do live pretty far apart, but with proper planning we have been able to find ways around the distance. I think we have done pretty well on the first two projects and for the next project, I think we should change our member roles.

October 29, 2015

Blog 8

My group and I worked very well together. Each of us contributed to each project. We each bring unique skills to the table, as well as being very creative. We have all worked on different aspects of each project essentially doing different tasks in each project. So far we have learned strengths and weakness of each crew member which should result in less mistakes as we begin our 3rd and final project.