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The Interview

My team was able to meet with Sandy September 24, 2015. She was a former member of the Philadelphia Police department and is now a current security officer at Montgomery County Community College. The mission was for us to get some information from her perspective about the growing Heroin problem in Philadelphia. Starting off the interview we asked questions which were crafted specifically for her. Although, nearing the midpoint of the interview everyone was much more relaxed. This then resulted in a stronger interview as it is now much more “real”.¬†The more relaxed everyone became allowed the interview to flow more naturally. I look forward to presenting this project and the information we were able to discover through a simple conversation with Sandy.

Reporter package news story.

With the sharp increase in heroin and opioids, we decided to look at the recovery options for addicts. Most addicts wont seek treatment unless confronted, and even than there is a small chance they will actually go for treatment. The real problem appears once the addict is released, most addicts will merely fall back into the same circles and same drug habits. this is why some people be leave that a change in surroundings helps an addict stay drug free. But most addicts will most likely fail their first attempt to get clean, some people repeat the same treatment options over and over again. that’s not to say that all addicts that go to rehab fail at staying clean. Many people have been helped by many different kinds of treatment, not just the usual rehab facilities.

News Story on Reporter Package

Heroin is the number one drug being abused in the Philadelphia area. People of all ages, gender, and religion are affected by this epidemic. The number of people using this drug keeps rising and so is the Crime. The Philadelphia Police Department report numerous cases each week that are drug related. A former addict by the name of Eric Keenan was willing to meet with us to talk about how his former drug abuse lead him to commit crimes. We sat down with him last Tuesday in the lounge in ATC at Montgomery County Community College. He discusses with us his thought process and just why he decided to start using heroin. We all learned a lot about drug abuse and how serious this issue is becoming for many young men just like himself.

A conversation

On September 24th, 2015 we sat down in the TV studio of Montgomery County Community College (Montco), with Sandy, a former member of the Philadelphia Police department, and a current security officer at Montco. Our goal was to get a tiny look into a (former) police officer’s point of view on the increase of heroin use, an influx of arguably epidemic proportions. We recorded most of our twenty minute conversation with Sandy. In the beginning we asked very specific questions, but the nature of our conversation soon turned slightly less formal. The more we talked to Sandy the more relaxed we became. The more relaxed everyone was, the better our conversation was. While we still plan to present our video in a traditional Reporter Package, I greatly enjoyed the informal time we got to spend with Sandy. All in all it was an interesting and enjoyable interview!

News Story on Reporter Package

The Reporter Package that I was working on was from the viewpoint of the law officers combating the heroin/ opiod ¬†epidemic in Philadelphia and Montgomery County. After some guidance from our teacher, we discussed and decided that our two options would either be talking to Montgomery County Police Officers or to contact a member of MCCC’s Security/ Public Safety department who used to work in Philadelphia as a police officer. We went to the student help center and got the email for Sandy, a female Security Guard on the campus. I emailed her and called her Sergeant to make sure it was okay with him, as per her request. He contacted her and said yes and we met up with her and filmed our Reporter Package in the TV Studio in the ATC last week using the cameras and equipment we were allowed to use from Tech Services.

My role

I am responsible for the auido input and effects.

Role in Group

I made questions for one of our interviews and helped with the set up for the shooting of the interview.

Role in group

I am responsible for filming. i will be the man behind the camera.

blog 3

I have come up with interview questions for the interviews and have also come up with ideas for B-roll.

Blog 3

i have come up with some questions for our interviews. i will also be doing some camera work for our second interview.

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