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Trying to Park at Montco? Good Luck!

Students have become increasingly frustrated with the parking situation at Montco. With the countless number of students and faculty parking at Montco, it is becoming harder and harder to find a place to park. Students are even arriving late to class because they can not find a parking spot. There is almost never a spot at the parking lot in front of the Advanced Technology Center (the closest lot to the buildings).  The Green Lot is one lot that always has parking spots available. However, in order to get a spot in that lot you need to have a car that is a hybrid, electric, or a car that gets 25mpg. While this is great for students who have those types of cars, it is unfair for students who have to park in a different lot because they do not have the privilege to park in the Green Lot There has to be a way to solve this problem.

Summer Sessions at Montco

Many Montgomery County Community College and 4 year institute students want to take summer classes this year. Many different college students come home for the summer and regristrate their guest students at the community college because they dont go there as a real student. Before the summer many students have to make sure what plans or what are they doing for the whole summer long. Many students dont take summer classes because to make more money or go on vacations.  During the summer many students taking summer classes doesnt matter where they go to school says its annoying but after the summer they say it was totally worth it and their time. Many adults and students give other people advice throughout college is that “if they take summer sessions they get to graduate faster because you can get extra credit due to the classes and you wont stay in college for too long.” but its up to them to make sure to have perfect fit for them.

MONTCO Parking Lot Problem

Students and faculty alike have noticed a ongoing problem in Montgomery County Community College’s parking lot. Throughout the spring and fall semesters commuting students have struggled daily to attend class on time. This is due to the impossible task of finding a parking spot on campus. This is happening because there are roughly 8,000 MONTCO students at the Blue Bell campus alone and only roughly 3,000 parking spots available to these students. This forces students to park a great distance away. Students and faculty agree something must be done about the lack of student parking, but what? Recently MONTCO expanded its parking lot, but only to accommodate students who drive hybrid, electric, and low cylinder cars. This lightened the problems in the other lots,  but there is still a problem.

Response to Interview Questions

Jonathan’s Questions

1. I have not had any bad experiences. This is my first time taking classes on campus.

2. Honestly, I do not think so. There is ample parking. It is just that students have a preference on close parking.


Zach’s Questions

1. I attend all sessions. My first time on campus for this summer.

2. I do not see a big problem. I feel the conditions of the parking lot are not the greatest, but I guess it is to be expected with so much wear on it.

3. Patching the parking lot would be something that can be done.


Josh’s Questions

1. It is a good addition to the already large mall. Who doesn’t need more places to spend their money.

2. It will increase the shopping experience. Parking will become much worse than it already is because of the addition.

3. This will definitely impact those who live in the area. Because of construction, heavy delays getting home. Once completed, higher volume traffic to get to the mall.

4. I’m fairly sure that the construction is an inconvenience for all.

5. The addition will increase the prosperity to King of Prussia. It will become a widely sleeked tourist attraction, therefor increasing revenue all around.

Interview Question Answers

Tish Interview Questions Answers

3. I think the addition is a good thing. I feel it is a good thing because it can potentially increase tourism in PA (King of Prussia ) which overall is a good thing.

Josh Interview Questions Answers

1. I think the new addition to the mall is a good thing.

2. I think it will have a positive impact on the shopping experience because the bigger the mall gets would mean more tourists.

3. I think it will impact the people who live around King of Prussia because it will make King of Prussia busier and louder than it is now.

5. I think it will increase prosperity because people will want to visit and shop in the largest mall in the US. The more people shop. the more revenue King of Prussia Mall will make.

Zach Interview Questions Answers

1. I attend Montco in the spring and the fall.

2. I have personally noticed and experienced a problem with parking at Montco.

Answer From Questions

From Parking Lot questions:

1. I attend Montco in fall and spring semester this year.

2. I notice a parking lot problem when other drivers stole my opening parking space.

3. I think it should be done about it is the parking pass tag password on it from the parking space thats assigned so no other car can park there except you.

From Parking Lot Reporter Package Questions:

1. My negative experience about parking lot is parking farthur from the school building.

2. The school should assigned the parking lot code.

3.  More than thousand i think.

4. Many people fight for the parking lot space in the morning or noon classes about who is parking there.

5.  I think in high school you need to pay for the parking lot pass to park.

Interview Questions

1. What is the estimated date of completion for this project?

2. How, if in any way, has the building construction impacted business?

3. Do you feel the addition to the mall is a good or bad thing? In what way?

4. Has there been any issues that have delayed the project?

5. Has traffic been impacted  by the construction?

Mall Construction Interview Questions

1) Is this addition to the mall good or bad, in your opinion?

2) How will this impact the the shopping experience in and around the mall?

3) How do you think this will impact the lives of those who live in and around King of Prussia?

4) Do you think the construction, in it’s current state, is an inconvenience to anyone? (Drivers, shoppers, workers etc.?)

5) Will having the largest mall in the US increase the prosperity of King of Prussia, in your opinion?

Parking Lot Questions

  • Do you attend MONTCO during fall/spring?
  • If so do you notice a parking lot problem?
  • What do you feel should be done about it?


Questions for the expert

  • Students believe there i a parking lot problem, has this been brought to your attention?
  • Are there any plans to fix this problem?

Parking Lot Reporter Package Questions

Students/Faculty Questions

1. Have you had any negative experiences when trying to park in the school parking lots?

2. Do you think there is anything the school can do about this situation?

Public Saftey Questions

3. Approx. How many parking spots are there in the parking lots?

4. Do you think there is a problem with parking at montco?

5. Have you or any other department ever brought up any ideas to try to fix the parking situation?