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The Snack

April 30, 2015

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The Snack First Cut

Itay Levy project vending machine

Our Project I feel has been going so so in my opinion. I feel like Mike and Pat are working well together and have formed a good editing team and have given our group a very good chance to get a good grade. I also like Mikes enthusiasm when eating the chocolate bar and trying to chase the bus. I do however wish I had a larger part in working with my group because I do like the guys but its just how it worked out. I have enjoyed working with them throughout the year however and I am confident in our snack project being a very successful one.

The Ups and Downs of our narrative

Our project has been going pretty great so far. We’ve been meeting up every week to work on the film and working very efficiently throughout the whole thing. The only real difficulty that we’ve had during the project was filming some of our vending machine shots were useless due to too many people walking through the shot. The editing of the film has also been a challenge since it is completely different from the type of editing we did on the reporter package.

Good and bad of narrative project

Once again, I think that Tyiana and I get along very well and work together in a group very well. We’re productive with our time and don’t usually disagree on what we have to do or what we’d like to see in our projects. The only problem we’ve really struggled with on this project is scheduling. It’s hard for us to get time with our actor because all of us work and have school, plus the weather has limited our ability to film. I feel guilty about our being behind on the project because my workload and schedule are overflowing, and I’m disappointed that my difficulties will affect Tyiana’s grade.

narrative project

For our project good thing was that we had everything organized, but our team member’s schedule was hard to match with others.

Worked/Didnt work

For our narrative project, I think having everything written down and a game plan worked great for our team. The story line was clear and it was easy to keep on track. The only thing that didn’t work so well was meeting up outside of class to film. everybody lives in different areas and it as hard to carry around equipment to get everything done. Over all I enjoyed this project.

April 23, 2015

While progress is slow we have a good concept for the project. we all know our job and I think it will turn out good.

Blog post

Something that went well in one group was how we all decided what our roles were going to be. I’m currently drawing and doing the art for out Max the Dog project and while it’s fun and interesting, it’s alot of work.  We’re planning to do it frame by frame so the animation is going to be intense, but what we’re planning for a 2minute long video should be enough.


A bad thing was how we’re a week behind, but I’m hoping that doesn’t slow us down.