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Chance-First Scene

Script test

short story pitch

My idea for this project isn’t totally fleshed out yet, but it goes something like this.

There’s a girl who really likes playing video games. It’s like her life. And she brings her DS to school and basically everywhere, but people make fun of her. Everybody thinks she’s kind of weird and they tell her she’s a loser and stuff like that. You get the picture that this has been the way it was for her whole life, no real friends and nobody really thinks she’s special in anyway. And her parents are always telling her she’s wasting her life and that she needs to do other things, so she tries to give it up for a while and do other things but she’s not particularly good at anything and she gets frustrated. And she gets a job but she hates it so she quits. She finds that she doesn’t really LIKE doing anything else but play video games. So she starts playing again. I’m not totally sure where to go from here but at the end I want her to meet someone that likes the same game she does and then they magically become best friends or something. Magic.

short pitch story

my short story will revolve around a young child who went to the mall with his parents to go shopping. During their shopping spree, the child looses sight of his parents at the mall. The child starts looking sad and worried about where his parents went of to? the child then realizes something, that he just left the world of his parents and into and open free world. the child then goes on smiling once he realizes he is free from his parents. he ventures forth being amazed by everything thing he sees. he then feels the urge to tell his parents about what he has discovered but realize that he/her is alone. he then sees another family shopping at the mall the parents of that kid buys him ice cream and having a good time. the child starts feeling lonely and sad again wishing that he is with his parents. the child starts feeling determined on finding his lost parents. he starts hearing a voice in the sky yelling his name out to come to the front register. he starts running to the front of the shop and sees his parents there waiting for him. he runs and hugs his parents out of joy and feels relief and he is reunited with them.

Short Film Idea

My idea for a short film is a very simple one, but it is definitely one that will be easily doable. The plot is one of the struggle of a character who battles with the pre-set rules and requirements of society. They desire a seemingly unobtainable object and go far out of their way to get it. On their journey, the character searches for aid on their  quest, but none can be found. But when hope is all but lost, they receive the help they need from a divine source and are finally able to reach their goal. However, the final fate of our hero is a bitter sweet one as the object they crave takes a greater toll on them than they imagined. In short, a student at Montco REALLY wants a snack from a vending machine, but they don’t have any cash on them. They go ask their friends for some change, but they don’t have any to spare. Then they find a five in their pocket that they didn’t know was there and go back to the vending machine only to find that the snack is gone. Because they still really want the snack, they go to the school store to get it but they have to pay more for it. This film would also be a silent film that would utilize music to convey the emotions of the short.

com 100

My short story is about a guy named Jason who loves playing basketball and has the ambition and dream to play and be a successful division 1 basketball player. Jason aspired to play basketball at Vilanova However he is doubted by another basketball player named mark who is going to play division 1 and already has a full scholarship to Wisconson. Jason and mark are from the same town in new jersey and always have there eye on each other. He says things like Jason your not tall, quick or strong enough to compete at the next level your crazy. Jason uses this as motivation and works as hard as he can going into his freshman year of college. Jason ends up becoming the division 1 rookie of the year and mark has disputes with his coach and ends up being benched halfway through the season. Instead of putting it in marks face Jason proves to be the bigger person and calls and wishes succesful remaining college career.

Short Film Pitch

The names and gender of the characters have yet to be determined, but that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, so they have been given gender neutral names for now.

Billie works hard and has a normal, boring life. One day, during his/her normal, dull job at some stereotypical, white collared job, (s)he gets a call from an unknown number. This never happens, so his/her curiosity gets the better of them and they answer it. The person on the other end is annoying, so it isn’t long before they hang up. This goes on for a few days/weeks (Which will be shown through only a few phone calls, quickly jumping through the stages of their unlikely relationship) until they have something akin to a friendship on their hand and agree to meet up for coffee. I am not quite sure of an ending, so I have three potential endings:  1. A revelation will occur where Billie decides that maybe his/her life doesn’t need to be so boring, which could have the two unnamed, flat characters falling in love.   2. The person ends up looking so similar to Billie it is vaguely disturbing and Twilight Zone-esque.  3. It ends up being someone they hated in college/high school and there can be a flashback sequence.


Script test


Light-hearted pixar esque

Delinquent breaks petty law (sees something he wants and steals it?)

Spirals into Guilt.

Sees good deed done afar by love interest.

Re-evaluates life.

Change of heart.

Cliff hanger!!! Does he get girl??

Script Test