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Reporter Package

One thing we did really well was cooperation and teamwork. I’ve been a part of many group projects where at least one member does nothing to contribute or help the group at all and I felt that everyone on my crew was equally willing to help get the job done. We worked together as a cohesive unit rather than four individual people with their own agendas.

One thing we could have done better was communicate. Because we all had a lot of ideas, I think sometimes we tended to talk over each other instead of listening to each other. That may have caused us to waste time. If we had all been able to speak clearly and fully illustrate our  ideas, we could have developed a more solid plan instead of scrambling to figure things out at the last minute. I feel like some really good ideas may have been lost because we were not listening to each other as carefully as we should have been.

The Beat

The Z’s Reporter Package

Analysis of Working with My Crew on the Reporter Package Video Project

Working with my crew during this project was an enjoyable experience. They were all very welcoming to me, given that I had joined the class after they had begun the early phases and background work on the project.  We worked well together and listened to each other’s ideas and integrated them into out project. It also was very helpful having some members who knew the technology and equipment and had previous use of technology and equipment.

Our group collaborating well and the advantage of some members contributing more advanced knowledge of and experience with the equipment involved as well as a better understanding of the Reporter aspect of the project definitely helped pushed us forward in the project.

While all of these things helped us when they were in play, some of them did slow us down. If a member or members of our team who did the majority of the technical work or at least set up,  were absent this caused a huge amount of extra time being wasted on making small mistakes that forced us to have to wait to get started on filming. Any member not being there to help slowed down the process as well, leaving one less set of hands and ideas.  Also, we made the mistake of not putting all of our data on all of our members flash/hard drives. This made the most recent attempt edit more complicated because we did not have the information/editing we had already.

Some members on my group, myself included, have very busy schedules. Full time work, full time course loads, and commitments to extra curricular activities,created a serious issue in finding the extra time we needed to come in to work on the project outside of lab time.

In order to remedy the problems faced throughout this project:

  1. I would from the very beginning exchange schedules with other students to have a better idea of when we could work out side of class.
  2. If one member was more advanced than the rest, I would recommend asking them to show the whole group the processes they do when they are setting up equipment, so that the rest of the group does not get held up trying to figure out simple aspects of the technology, just because they never got a chance to do them.
  3. I would make sure to always put all the data onto my hard drive, and highly recommend that everyone else does explaining the problems it has and can create.

Otherwise I really enjoyed the project and it was a pleasure to work with get to know Darinel, Alex, and Michaela.

COM 160 Blog #5

Through the past couple weeks I’ve gotten to experience working with cameras, a crew and using Final Cut. I think the best aspect of this experience was working with the crew and doing actual field work. It was interesting interviewing people and not really knowing what kind of response I would get, which would dictate what I may have to counter with to keep them talking. I also discovered I kind of like being in front of a camera, I thought I would be much more camera shy and stumble on my words but that didn’t seem to be a problem at all. The hardest parts of this project all came in the editing room. We kept, and still are, running into problems with the actual footage where it runs fine on the initial look and then when we import it the video runs slower than the audio. That is also the factor that slowed our crew the most. As in doing anything differently, I can really say I would. The only reason being, this was everyones first run doing a reporter package and using this kind of equipment. That said, I think it was a neccessary learning curve to kind of get thrown right into it.

group talk

working with my crew has been great. I have learned a lot working with this group compared to past groups. we each had specific roles that we focus on but at the same time we also helped each other out. despite having some minor problems such as missing other crew members in class we were still able to get pass the issue and figure out a way to solve it. the filming part was good once we figured out how to use it. and the editing area seems to be coming along well. during the editing process, I’ve learned that not all our clips can make it to the final release even though our crew got a lot of clips to put on the video. also working with this group we have shared many ideas on how we can improve the video.

Pros/ Cons of working in a group

Having the opportunity to work in my group has had its fair share of benefits and complications. It was a great experience working with such a great group of fun, and enthusiastic people as we had a great time filming and editing. However, it is always rather difficult to get ideas across when working in any group, and this one was no exception. However, learning how to get those ideas across was a very useful lesson in teamwork and communication (the name of the entire course). Also, editing in a group can be kinda boring since it only takes one to two people to actually accomplish the task while the other members are left with nothing to do. All in all, working in this group has been a fantastic and useful experience.

About my group

Working with my group was really nice. All of us had enthusiasm for our project and we finished it successfully. Although I didn’t have a good skill and my English was not that good, I was able to finish it successfully because of my group members. However, it was not that easy to control our schedule and working with other group members. If we had more time, we could finish much better. Anyway, I still think our crew was best. Even though it was our first time to working with others, I think we really did a good job.

itay levy com 100 reporter package group summary

Working with my crew has been a good experience for the most part. The positives of working with my group was that I especially learned more about editing film and working in a workshop setting than ever before.  Another positive was that my group has good chemistry and that allowed us to get things done and figure which role best fit each member. Some of the negatives with working in my group was that because of my inexperience with working with anything like final cut i feel as though i was caught trying to learn sometimes and instead of help and chip in. Something else that slowed us down was that we couldn’t get the audio from the camera to work on the computer and that delayed are progress for a bit. However My group found time to meet up and get the rest of the stuff done that needed to be done and that is what makes a group successful.

about my group

I like working with my group everyone tried to work together but we could have work better together if our schedules were more flexible. Everyone had different schedules so it took us more time to finish this project.