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Reporter package: space

hello fellow students i would like to do my reporter package about space. Have you ever wondered what is beyond this planet of ours? what is happening outside of this planet? there have been countless talks about landing on mars, colonizing the moon, and even building a space station orbiting earth. When I was young, I always looked into space wondering what is beyond  this planet. Something about deep space just leaves me in a calm state of mind. what do you think about it? do you think we are alone and that there is nothing out there? if there are any? where are they and why haven’t they come out to us? so many question about space and so little answers. A lot has been happening in space programs. China is on their way in building its next space station, Nasa has recently launched the spacecraft Orion, Europe has landing a probe on a comet, and a new telescope has been built in Chile to find alien living planets. I would like to know what everyone thoughts are about deep space in this interview. Is it something we should explore more into? how does it make you feel?

Naiomy Caro COM 160

Every  year there is this one event that makes America go crazy. This event is called the Superbowl and it is one of the most watched and most talked about sports events every year. Once every season starts it always leads to this most important event that everyone every year gets excited for. Even if people aren’t interested they still are highly aware of what is going on because of people around them. Or whether it be just for the game or for the commercials during halftime everyone decides to tune in. What exactly makes this sport so important to people? Why is this sport so involved in people’s lives that their love for their certain team and the sport travels through generations? What exactly makes everyone so drawn to the Superbowl as a whole?

itay levy com 100

Ever wonder how powerful and motivating upbeat music can be? Upbeat music is very powerful specifically hip hop and techno dance music. In my opinion there is no better motivator to get your day started, workout, and change your mood than Hip hop and techno music. Hip Hop and techno music has an uptempo beat to go along with matching lyrics that give the listener a great experience and new found energy. Another benefit of listening to hip hop and dance music is that it can get you in the right mindset for a big event, or even an exam in school. The rythym and the beat from these two generations of music make a person move and can give the person a positive vibe throughout the day. With one selection of a song a persons mood can go from depressed and in the blues to happy and in the sky. Hip Hop and techno dance music are very moving genre’s of music and my  goal is to not only gather the neccessary facts to back my information up but also to find people when im interviewing that will agree with my outlook.

Reporter Package

SEPTA's City Hall Makeover
Tyiana Hicks
March 25, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to Channel 35 News. Today we will be discussing SEPTAs latest idea. As you all my know, City Hall train stop is very popular when working downtown or just going down there to shop. It hasn't been in the best presentable shape. A few of the stop on the broad street line have been redone over for a better look, but surely it was a less cost to fix. After all the calculations and everything, they made a decision to remake City Hall over. This is important to the riders and also the company itself. They raised some prices over the years and now the money can go towards making the major stop better and more enjoyable. The city already fixed up outside and made it a historical place to be while your downtown. Why not make underground the same?

Reporter Package

Are electronic cigarettes really safer than tobacco? Or are they just a new “cool” way to get this generation on board the smoking train? Extensive research on the effects of the E-cigarette unfortunately cannot keep up with how popular they have become. Sources say that E- cigarettes are on track to outsell tobacco products to young people within a decade and I would like to know why.

The goal of this story would be to reach out to young smokers and non-cigarette smokers to see how popular the E-cigarette really is within the college community.  I would like to know if any non- cigarette smokers have ever tried an electronic cigarette and why? I would also like to interview the tobacco lover and find out whether or not they would consider switching. We all know Montco has boundaries of where it is okay to puff on a cigarette and where you could be fined for smoking on premises so I wonder how many smokers would switch over to the E-cigarette just so they could ”get their fix” on campus?

Reporter pitch: Should student athletes be paid?

It almost seems as if every year I hear numerous arguments regarding whether or not student athletes should be paid for what they do. Some may say these students train day in and day out for their respective sports but are not compensated for any of the hardwork they put in. Whereas, another person may think that with the scholarships, free clothing, preferential treatment that these athletes get should be enough payment they deserve. My goal is to go out and ask fellow students if they feel as though fellow classmates of theirs should be paid for participating in a sport. With that in mind I have a strong feeling that those who oppose of athletes getting paid would agree that other groups throughout the school should get paid as well.

Reporter Package Pitch

How often do you read these days? When was the last time you read a book for fun? Do you remember the title? Did the themes or characters stick with you and make for an enjoyable reading experience compared to the stress of reading texbooks and whatever else you are required to read for school? Reading a book for fun can be just as relaxing and way more beneficial than watching television or reading tabloids. I’d like to do a reporter package on the prominence of literature in our generation today. How often do kids our age read for fun, what do they read, how much time do they have for free reading? Also, what kind of benefits does it have, can we gain just as much from reading a book for fun as we would if we were required to read for a class? Has reading for school actually discouraged reading for fun? I’d like to interview students on their experiences with reading, and professors on the success they’ve seen with students who have made time to read outside of their required texts as well.

Young Park’s Reporter Package

Hello, my name is Young Park. My reporter package is going to be about a Korean TV show called Show Me The Money. Show me the money is a audition program that is held in Korea and it is about only hip hop music. Many amateur artists come out and the last person who survives wins the audition. This topic is really important to me, because my favorite music genre is hip hop, and in Korea hip hop is still not that very popular than other Korean pop songs. Also many of American people have a stereotypes that Asian people are not good at hip hop music. Hip hop is really big in America and most of the hip hop style is from America, but Korea and other many Asian countries catch up fast to the American hip hop culture.

Reporter Package Pitch

If you are reading this now, there is a pretty good chance that you have attended school since before you even hit the double digits with your age.  You have had one piece of information after the next thrown at you year after year, but how much of that has really stuck with you?  How many of these lessons can actually be applied to you and your life, or is it all just useless knowledge?  Knowing what knowledge you have to hold on to and what knowledge can be tossed aside leaves more room to store the more important facts of life.  Making the distinction between knowledge you have been forced to retain and information you want to keep with you can help you understand what you want out of life, and a package like this could help change things for the better and make school more relevant for you, the learner.

In short, how much information that you learn in school can really be applied to your life?  How much will you really end up using it?  If this were done, I would love to interview some professors and hear how much of what they learned they still use.

News Pitch MCCC Music Classes

Montgomery County Community College offers a broad music program encompassing history, theory, technology, ensembles, as well as lessons. As a Music Major I’ve experienced many of these classes and found them very enjoyable. Most of us would agree that they like to listen to music. As a kid I always wanted to learn to play guitar and taught myself somewhat when I finally took the time to learn. The College offers 1 credit courses in Piano and Guitar, Jazz and string ensemble, choir, as well as private lessons with instructors on various other instruments. I’ve known many people that have said that they always wanted to learn either of these instruments but never thought they could. I knew nothing about playing the piano when I started classes at MCCC but after one semester with the course I was able to play scales and a few songs. These classes are good for people who have some to no experience whatsoever and I feel more people would be interested in them if they were made more aware. Perhaps interviewing students around campus if they’ve ever wanted to learn an instrument, as well as the teachers for more information about enrolling could spread interest in these classes.