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Class Review

I loved this class. I think that it reinforced everything that I’ve been working on in the field. I just wish we would have been able to go into the editing process further, but I know that there are other classes that delve into that more. I honestly don’t think that I would change anything about it other than individual grades when working in groups. I understand that in the real world we would be judged (graded) on the overall package that we presented, but I don’t think it’s fair (I know life isn’t fair) that while in school, we should be graded on the work (or lack there of) of the people we are working with.

Final Video Project

Final Blog post

I overall really enjoyed this class. Your style of teaching turned you into a psudo friend instead of a teacher, which made me trust and listen to you much more than i normally would have. I also thought that the projects although very fun could use some tuning. I dislike the voting system but the groups should stay limited to 4 people. I think the voting system unnerves some people. You feel as though you have to go through with this 100% and there is no room for change. That was not a fun environment. But the creating of the films really was. Although i do believe that the camera test is getting outdated being that i can record 1080p with my phones camera and those school issued cameras are much harder to operate. The blog posting is a nice idea because i believe that it forces you to participate with what went on in the class. Overall a very good class though thanks a bunch!

- Matthew Williams

Final Post

Overall the class was enjoyable and I learned a lot. I do wish we were given more time on how to use final cut and the cameras though, it seems through my experience, whoever was the best at either of those would basically be in charge of it, which lead me to be less knowledgeable of how to use both.

Sorry for the late blog post, I just thought I would still give you my input on the class.

Reflecting on Class

I enjoyed the time working with the cameras and getting creative with different shots. Since shooting film is the main objective of this class, I wish we spent more time on learning how to use the camera more properly. I know by doing this it could bring out the best work from students, instead of learning by trial and error. Considering the class is only once a week, there is no time for error, strictly business. So to improve this class, I would dedicate at least one class to learning how to use the camera, not just learning how to set it up.

What can be changed

I enjoyed this class because we got to work with camera’s and deal with editing. Working in groups of four was hard through the first few classes because people drop the class and do not show up half the time. I wish there was more time in between classes to focus more on recording and editing . I did really enjoy posting on the blog.

Ways to make the class better

The number one negative thing I can say about this class is the mandatory group projects. I felt like there should be a option to either do a group of 4, group of 2, or individually. Getting together with all the group members was a difficult thing to do outside of class time.

Media society

The 21st century really depend on the media. We use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter where alternation of communication takes place. Other than person use, people need media for school and work for sources online and in order to get help from others online. Media can manipulate news where only one side of perspective is viewed in order to get viewers’ on their side. But overall media society is important because it is used by millions of people today.

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Society effects everyone. All throughout our daily lives is filled with different forms of media. We, Americans determine how we allow society to effect our daily lives. Society has the tendency to influence and / or alter many of our behavior patterns and even social activities. Media has its own affects. Worldwide, we engage in television shows, sounds on the radio, and even news within the reporters or simply newspapers. Being aware and mindful can prevent you from becoming part of the norm. Meaning, always try to avoid any negative forms of media and only focus on positivity.

overall reflection

Com 160 was a very good experience to have since I was interested in film making. I really enjoyed the film making projects. The projects were not forced on strict rules which gave me big flexibility to show creativity. I loved the 2nd film project. I really enjoyed the group work outside of class although some of us could have been more participating.  However, through this project, I learned how to edit. I wish we could have made more films but overall it was a great class!