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Sentimentals, Revisited – Review

In my humble opinion, this project could have gone one of two ways. It could’ve been looked at as too small of an idea, but I think that our group handled the idea really well and executed it in the way that we planned. What was really nice about the project was the visuals—which came out really nicely. The thing that I think we could have improved on was definitely following the axis rule in the conversation shots, to keep the feeling and flow of the whole piece a little less jarring.


I really enjoy our groups story line , I thought it was really creative especially the props and our team work well together. The only thing I would change would be to focus more on our lighting because some pictures were taken inside and some out side so a few scenes look washed out.

Thoughts on our Narrative

I think one thing we did well was the different shots and little edits we had.  We did a good amount of lighting effects in editing so you couldn’t see that it was getting darker throughout the story, which i think turned out pretty well.  One thing we could have done to make it a lot better was follow the axis rule where you only stay on one side of the characters for over shoulder shots so it didn’t look to crazy and jumpy when we were switching the shots around.

Short Film Reveiw

I think one bad thing about out short film was the use of copyrighted music without permission. A good thing would be the good acting, shoots and plot of the film.

Narrative Final Thoughts

I thought we put together a pretty solid video. Some of our strong points were transitions and placing shots, but we could have had more dialogue and the audio could have been better. But all-in-all Connor was a great editor and Alex and Carolyn did well with the acting. Woo.

What I did well and What I did not do well on my narrative project

My narrative project was a success in my opinion. We had some problems, but nothing that we did not solve in some way. I feel that what we did well was our story and our finalization of the story. We ended up having some problems with the audio and had to change the story line a bit around fast. I feel though our final project ended up being even better than the original script. It still told the story we wanted, it just added onto it and made it even better. I feel we could have made the lighting better in some of the project as well as the camera work. I feel we should have maybe thought out our choice of background and if there would be another place to shoot the scene that would have been better due to noise, lighting, spacing,etc. All in all though, I feel we did a good job on this project and I am very proud of how it turned out in the end.

Aborted Review

I really loved our short film Aborted. The way it was scripted and the music really contributed to the emotions we wanted to present to the audience. However, one thing I wish we would have done differently after listening to the critique is the sign we used to represent the teen clinic in the video. But all in all the video was great!

The Pen Stalker

Film review

One aspect of what I liked about our film Aborted was the video effect where the clip dissolves into black. That created a natural intro for the scenes. What I’d do differently next time is shortening some of the clips and use only necessary amount of time in certain scenes.

INVASION (seriously this time)