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Appearance rebuttle

I understand that you can say its on the inside is what counts but I have to disagree with your thought. There are those of us as humans that worry about nothing but their appearance. To them that is all they care about because they are “swaggin” or their match game is on point. Usually it goes uncared about by pretty much everyone but those who do appreciate a good outfit. People wear their favorite articles because it makes them look good or they are trying to impress someone. Ones outfit can really say something about the one who is wearing it. Normally its best to avoid people who use dark makeup and wear leather just because that person feels comfortable dressing that way because their lives led up to dressing like that. We may not know why they dress that way but there is something driving them to dress that way and that makes them who they are upon first glance.


Isn’t the objective of going to school is to learn ? How are we really testing what has been taught if  everyone including the teachers are taking the easy rout. How do we even know if  the teachers are even qualified to be in the classrooms and this says a lot about their character and the moral lessons they are teaching the future leaders of America.

Rebuttal to Schools In, Cheating Begins!

I thoroughly believe that teachers are cracking down on cheating the last few years. I didn’t even hear of Turnitin.com until my 11th grade year! now it seems like every instructor is doing it. The problem I believe we have is a generational one. Every new generation of teenagers brought into this world becomes slightly more spoiled and less motivated to do work by themselves for themselves. I would say the teachers are only becoming less patient seeing the clearly plagiarized papers submitted by students who prioritize getting drunk and chasing tail every single night while their parents give them a smack on the hand once a month for getting caught by authorities.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge response

The ALS ice bucket challenge was the most talked about and most popular challenge that happened in 2014. May people did not know about the ALS disorder until the ice bucket challenge was taken place. The ALS Association’s mission is “Leading the fight to treat and cure ALS through global research and nationwide advocacy while also empowering people with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and their families to live fuller lives by providing them with compassionate care and support.” Since July 29, 2014 ALS has received $115 million in donations. I believe that the ALS ice bucket challenge was a good idea and believes that another association should do the same thing to raise money for a disease, disorder, or charity.



A Response to “Appearance”

The reason we should care about what people look like on the outside is because whether we like it or not, the way we see somebody is how we first perceive them. Before you have that person peak, you already have preconceived notions as to who they are, what they are like, where they are from, and how they are going to behave, based on the way they look. That’s why the way we look matters. Not only to everyone else around us but also to ourselves. We want people to know a very specific amount of information about us before they are even introduced to us, that way we know who we do and don’t want to associate ourselves with. Image matters. It’s just a part of human nature.

Jobs In Philadelphia Rebuttal

Jobs are hard to find in the city of Philadelphia. However, I do not think the problem is because of the lack of awareness. Simply, not many businesses are hiring. Many of us know people who may be over qualified for some jobs that they apply for. Often times they have many years of higher education and experience but still can not find work and settle (in some cases) for lower paying jobs because they have no choice. Therefore, this is a huge issue but people are well aware of it because it does affect us all.


For students to cheat is not a good thing. However they most likely will regardless. We want students to be confident in that they’ve learned but sometimes that may not be the easiest do to. During class time you may never know whats actually going on in a students’ mind. Hopefully they are retaining the information, therefore when it comes time to take the test no one will have to even consider cheating.

ALS Rebuttal

Many took the ice bucket challenge and many donated to the fundraiser. Although many people who took the challenge did not mention the ALS foundation, it still raised large amount of support. So far $115 million dollars have been donated. The ALS foundation is amazed by the outpouring support from all around the world. Yes, the total amount of donations could have been larger and more people could have given support. The ALS foundation’s annual budget is $25 million a year but this year it tremendously exceeded that amount from the support of the fundraiser.

Is Beauty Really Worth it? Rebuttal

This post only covered imperfection and insecurity with appearance in regards to women. It completely ignored the insecurities that men face everyday when confronted over and over with images of the male perfection in the media. The amount of pressure facing men should be analyzed. We see them on posters, in magazines, and all over – young, stereotypical handsome men, with gorgeous, expertly sculpted bodies and bulging muscles. Imagine what that must do to young, adolescent boys growing up with what society has deemed to be awkward or lanky bodies. Boys and men face the same issues with the unrealistic expectations of beauty the the media has created for society. It’s this standard that drives men to use steroids and spend hours at the gym attempting to achieve their ideal body image, but to what end? Do they think that physical beauty equals a happier or more fulfilled life?

Weight Lose Pills Rebuttal.

Original Post: “Swallow the Pills and melt away the Pounds.” by michelle kim

Link: http://postsfrompigeontown.com/?p=640

Weight lose pills seem to get a negative review from people of all shapes and sizes because of how the media depicts the average person. Do they forget that diet pills are made for obese adults? While diet pills do have side effects, so do most medications. So,  just because Sibutramine is in most diet pills and it can cause people heart attacks, you need to remember that obesity can cause heart attacks also. People have to be aware of who they are and go about what they want in a healthy manor, and for some people that might be taking diet pills. Diet pills don’t have to be bad, it just depends on who uses them and if it’s for the right reasons.