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The Secret Society

Does this one SECRET SOCIETY that everyone’s scared to talk about control everything around us.  By controlling  us with  power, outcome and money. Killing people off one by one who are ready to expose the truth behind them and what they stand for. Controlling everything around us using codes and handshakes to pass along messages. Secretly building empires right before our eyes but truthfully plotting to kill us off one by one. Behind closed doors. Everything around us matters and means something. This society is everywhere around us and  you would never know. It portrays you to think there playing a game and watching to see who’s left at the end.

Warning of Deadliest outbreak

A deadly virus is taking over the lives of Western Africa.  Over 20,000 people may have been infected so far. It is Ebola virus; a disease that causes internal and external bleeding until death.  Luckily, it is not airborne; it can be ONLY transmitted through contact of bodily fluids like blood through medical equipment. Importantly, there has been incidents where infected person sneaked into a different country and spread the disease in Senegal. This outbreak can not be stopped but it can be prevented.  Always be aware and watch out for the following symptoms: muscle ache, fever, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and rash.

Romanticizing Illness

Throughout history books and movies have had themes of struggle and hard times. One of the most angst filled topics, specifically in young adult literature, is sickness (specifically cancer).  Books such as The Notebook and more recently, John Green’s best selling novel The Fault in Our Stars, have been criticized as romanticizing topics such as mental illness       ( Alzheimer’s) and Cancer. Critics seem to believe that the way the books are written shows a romanticized and fictional reality of unpleasant situations & some seem to fear it will make readers want to be in the situations of the characters in the book.

Tray Up the Ice Cubes!

Time to put those ice trays to use! Did you know they are used for more than chilling a drink these days, they’re used for research! If you have been living around a rock in the middle of the ocean for last 2 months or so let me fill you in. More than a hundred or so videos have been streaming on every social media site from Facebook to Instagram in hopes to raise money for ALS research. Sounds great right? Wrong! The problem with this challenge is, most celebrities that are now doing it have millions of people tune in to see it and you don’t even know why they are doing it! You just see Chris Brown shirtless pouring water on himself and they don’t even care to explain what the purpose is. And to make matters worse most celebrities aren’t even donating themselves! So is this really an “ALS Challenge” or an “Ice Bucket” What do you think?


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