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Liam,Marcus, And Dennis Final Project!

Movie (Wasn’t Prepare For…)

IMATS Movie – Complete

Final Man on the Street

Final Project!

short animation

com 100

I really enjoyed the comm 100 course. It exposed me to the world of mass media, how it works, and helped me become familiar with programs like Pro Tools, and Final Cut. Also, I enjoyed this class because it focuses, primarily, on creative thinking, and how to develop our idea’s using different format’s.

I would have to agree with some of my other classmates and recommend that the class be longer. One hour is not enough time to learn all of the program’s necessary to complete our assignments.


I seem to always for get my password, but that is neither here not there. This class was great! It really does need two hours to accomplish the mini projects we had assigned. Personally, I wish it connected more with the other COM100 course. Maybe that was in the book, I never bought the book because we never seemed to have assignments. Perhaps assignments from the book would help connect what we learn to how we can apply them in today’s multimedia society. This is a course that seems to be audio and video focused and not so much for those interested in journalism or in depth writing, which personally I think is fine because this class should be about taking your ideas and learning how to express them to the rest of the world using different mediums. That is the purpose of the class… at least what I got from it. Overall, great class and would highly recommend it. (Plus, hopefully with added time for future semesters, this class can touch up on a the basic tools for each program, individuals haven’t taken any of Michael Kelly’s introductory classes.)

Final Thoughts Marcus

This class was very enjoyable. I like how you infused humor into your teaching it just made the class that much more likable. In terms of actually improving  the class I don’t really know what else could be changed. All the problems I had with classes this semester were because of weather. I would take this class again.

class improvement

Even though I am not very into media the class was pretty interesting.  We learned a fair share of information but it would of been better to have more projects and learn more about the programs we used.  The class was also very short for the amount of things we had to do.  I think with the short amount of class time it made it hard to get everything completed in that one class.  Overall it was an enjoyable class and for anyone interested in this type of field I would definitely recommend.