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January 27, 2014

Marcus Stevenson was a joker. That word alone sums him up so well. He was the kind of person that was hard to bring down. He had a smile on his face 24/7 and always had a joke to tell. If you were down he would try his hardest to bring you up. He hated when people were sad or angry around him.

He was loved by all. It was incredibly difficult to get on his bad side–if not impossible. No one ever really tried though. His cheerful attitude meant that you never truly stay mad at him. You would try and end up laughing halfway through your rant.

The world lost something terrific. And I lost a true friend.

Liam’s Eulogy

Liam Was My Best Friend. Friends Since the age of 14 we have been in-separable. We did everything together, from going on double dates to Cliff Jumping at Devil’s Pool. Normally if you called Liam I was with him. We even worked together briefly while his studio idea was coming together. And let me tell you we were the single best Pizza Team in the world. If there was Pizza Olympics we would take the gold easily. No one compared to us.

Liam Picked up the guitar at Age 9 and fell instantly in love. Soon his room was covered in everything music related, Speakers everywhere, Mic Stands all over, Cables running from one side to the other.

His love and Passion for Music caused him to start his own studio at the age of 24. 7th Street Studios was hitting the ground running with big name bands coming from around the country and world to record with him. He has recorded Bands like Man Overboard, The Story So Far, State Champs, Real Friends and his all-time Favorite Blink-182.

Liam Leaves behind a Loving Wife, who always was next to him while working, And 2 Children Rebecca, 12, and Liam Jr., 10. His memory will always live on in his children. Liam’s Studio will continue to run as it always has and will be around forever. His lasting impression on the Recording industry has set the bar so high for new producers to come along and try to break it. Liam has truly outdone himself this time.


For anyone who doesn’t know me I have been Kim’s best friend for over 22 years.  From the day we met in that first grade classroom I knew it was trouble in a good way of course.  She taught me even if your having a bad day you never know what someone else is going through.  Kim and her family were extremely close, they were always her biggest fans. Her loudness might have driven her parents crazy but it will be dearly missed not having someone talk over every show or movie attempted to watch.  Kim looked up to her older brothers more than anyone else in this world, they weren’t just siblings but best friends.  Not a day would go by that she didn’t try to make at least one other person smile.  She may have had the worst day but would try to brighten someones day.  From buying homeless people McDonalds, to picking up stuck friends at 2 am she was always there no matter what. Kim’s main goal in life was to find complete and utter happiness in whatever she planned on doing.  She knew that with handwork and dedication good things would happen and that is just what did.  She left this world doing exactly what she has planned, working in a hospital helping people and saving them everyday. Like she always would say “Find your own kind of beautiful”  lets take these words and live with them everyday.

Future Eulogy Post

Morgan was always a fighter.  He never gave up, even when he was in his darkest days.  Quitting was never an option.  Sometimes it got him in trouble, but most of the time it helped him stay strong.

Being a play-by-play announcer was Morgan’s dream since 7th grade.  He loved the great ones, Vin Scully, Jon Miller, Harry Caray, Jack and Joe Buck.  But his favorite of all time was Harry Kalas.  A man who was calm but energetic, proud but humble, and would always make you feel good, even if the Phillies were down 20-0.  Morgan wanted to be just like Harry the K.

But he wanted to get to college first.  He stumbled in his first year at Temple, then took some time off,  went to MontCo to “work out his control problems” and got his Associates, then came back to Temple and got his Bachelor’s in Broadcasting.  He figured he could be the best he could be if he had just one chance to prove it.

He devoted his life to his family and friends, among which were his fans.  He always stopped to talk with fans after games, just like his favorite broadcasters would, and always spoke his mind during the games on-air.  He figured if you couldn’t tell the truth on-air why speak at all?  He wanted to represent the spirit of Philadelphia, a spirit that he shared with his wife and instilled in his children.

If you knew Morgan well, you knew he was always wanting to be better than he was the day before.  Whether that meant trying to figure some new trick out or learn a new answer to a question, he always had to do something better than he did the day before.

When asked one day in class what he wanted to do with his life, Morgan said, “I want to create my family’s legacy and give them something to start on.  I want to be someone they can be proud of.”  As we remember Morgan, we can say that he certainly was someone the world can be proud of


Today I want to tell you about a very important person in my life, my Grandfather. My Grandfather was a teacher in New Jersey and a teacher to me and my siblings and cousins. I remember the important life lessons that my Grandfather taught me and how his beliefs have influenced my own unique world perspective. The family was all important to my Grandfather. He showed us by example how to respect others, especially my Mother. As a child, my Grandfather constantly told me “your best friend is your mother”. Of course at that point in time I did not appreciate the phrase, nor did I understand what it meant.

Being a teacher, my Grandfather loved the written word. He would go out each morning and buy 2 or 3 newspapers and read them from front to back. He would cut out articles for my parents and would give me the comics. Later in my life he would share articles with me as well. I suppose this is why I have such a passion for reading and still enjoy reading a real newspaper everyday. He also was a master story teller.  He enjoyed recounting his days overseas when he was in the army and would sing us a funny song about marines eating beans.

My Grandfather’s favorite pastime was taking pictures. He would never go anywhere without a disposable camera. Through a single lens he would zealously document important events such as birthday parties, holidays, or family vacations. He didn’t necessarily need a special occasion to snap pictures. To him, just having us visit was special enough. What I wouldn’t give to have one last picture.



She was an amazing friend, daughter, boss, wife, mother, sister, and most importantly, an amazing human being.

She was a true Leo. Loyal, Optimistic, and most definitely Straightforward. She was a real firecracker! Some of my best memories with Madison. 

She was also a real cosmetics junkie. She knew everything about cosmetics from the first lipstick made to the number of chemical used to make a paint pot. She could even tell you the history of cosmetics: 1st makeup artist in the world, largest cosmetics company in the world, 1st anti-cosmetics campaign in the world…you name it, she knew it!

One of my favorite things about Madison was that she was very passionate about animals. One of her favorite quotes was:

“I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs; but I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.”

She was very inspirational and always knew what to say or what to do. Madison is gone but she will never be forgotten. She will truly be missed.



Eulogy Post

“From the moment she was born, Leslie always had a smile on her face. For whatever the reason, she always found something to laugh about. Aside from her optimism, she was talented in both art and music. If you weren’t able to find her, she would most likely be in her room singing a song, learning a new one, or creating a colorful masterpiece. Though she was not an avid cyclist, she had a strong passion for steel frames, greased gears, and two wheels. Her biggest accomplishment was starting a community awareness group that helped improve people’s lives by introducing them to the sport of cycling. Aside from promoting healthy lifestyles, she wanted to accomplish everything. If given a career to choose from, which she had to, she would have chosen them all. I always told her, “My dear, you’re going to be a road scholar.” Her response, “Oh, I know, mama. There’s just so much to learn!” She took nothing for granted and repeatedly put 100% of herself into everything she did.”

The woman of wiser years, pulled out an old, fragile paper that had seen better days.

She continued.

“Here I have a poem Leslie wrote.”

Death is but a small step in a never ending journey.

Cliche? Sure.

Just know, there isn’t a reason to worry -

My body lies young while my mind leaves mature


My hopes and aspirations; unmet perhaps

Yet, aren’t these everyday occurrences?

My wish to you – take or make a pass,

Don’t lead a life with missed chances


Through failures or setbacks;

Crossed stars or heart aches;

Revive your inspired flames

to keep your soul merrily intact.

And remember,

When we all leave

There’s no need to worry

Because a life is honored in the form of a story.



“That was Leslie. Wishing and wanting the best for everyone. Thank you.”

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